quinta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2017


          I have chosen to make a play on a specific scene in the novel To kill a mockingbird. One scene that I find particularly confusing was the attack scene on Scout and Jem by Bob Ewell. No one really knows basic details like who got attacked first, how did Bob Ewell die and where did Boo Radley suddenly pop out of. Now my goal of this play is to bring even more confusion by replicating the scene and all of its possible outcomes. For example for the take I am planning to make Bob Ewell attack Scout first and then attack Jem with Bob accidentally falling and killing himself on the knife, then later Boo Radley comes to save them. Which is what everyone think has happened. But on the second take I would make Boo Radley attack Jem first and then Scout screaming and Boo Radley knocking the air out of Bob and saving both children. Also a viable option. And lastly I would have Bob attack Scout first, Jem saving scout and in the process killing Bob by self defence. Which is what Atticus thought.
          Now my goal in doing this is to give the audience a visual of what happened. This would make them decide for themselves what happened instead of the novel manipulating us into thinking that Bob died on accident. This would get the audience to think about what actually happened on that night. Bring in another light to the scene which in my opinion would increase the doubt and meaning of that scene.
          I was inspired to do this for my love of Theater and also because of our discussion that we had in class about that scene. I could see that everyone was doubtful with the attack and what actually happened and I hope that this movie would get them even more confused. But the good type of confused, I want them to think about the scene and create their own interpretation of it.

quarta-feira, 7 de junho de 2017

The Drag Racer

The Guilt Of Retreat

Crafting this moment in my story was surprisingly easy, I just had to think about war. This moment came in my mind quickly but writing it down was completely different. It took me a few tries to write it the way I wrote it in my final draft because I was trying to make it drastic but making it remain historically accurate. Then I decided to kill the captain since he could bring some difficulty to writing the rest of the story. So if I make the captain tell a story it would seem natural since entertaining soldiers when the fire of guns calmed down would be necessary to keep the soldiers morale up. Also since snipers took a major part in trench warfare, if I kill the captain it would bring action to the story.

terça-feira, 6 de junho de 2017

Reflexão re-escrita

Qual era o meu maior desafio com a escrita quando eu comecei o oitavo ano? O meu maior desafio quando comecei o oitavo ano era as acentuações, eu não sabia quais palavras eu tinha que acentuar e quais não acentuar. Mas depois de muitas re-escritas eu finalmente aprendi como acentuar palavras. As re-escritas me mostravam aonde que eu errei com as acentuações, elas também me mostravam aonde que eu tinha que botar um acento. Agora eu acho que a minha acentuação melhorou muito por causa das re-escritas que me mostravam os meus erros.

O que ficou claro, pelas testagens, como sendo o meu ponto forte? E qual é o ponto a ser trabalhado? Isso também apareceu nas outras atividades escritas? Eu acho que por causa das testagens, ficou muito claro que eu tenho uma dificuldade de criar frases que fazem sentido. Por exemplo, umas vezes eu posso criar sentenças que umas vezes não fazem nenhum sentido e que deixam o leitor confuso. Eu acho que eu posso consertar isto me focando mais nas testagens e também lendo a minha testagem de vóz alta antes de entregar para o professor. Eu acredito que isto aprece em quase todas as minhas testagens, e isto também aparece nas minhas atividades de escritas no inglês, mas no inglês é mais raro.

É possível comparar a minha escrita em inglês com a minha escrita em português? Que comparações eu posso traçar? (Lembre-se: não se limite a dizer “escrevo melhor/pior em inglês/português”; compare as dificuldades e as qualidades dos textos nesses dois idiomas)
Na minha opinião eu escrevo melhor em inglês do que em portuguese. A minha escrita em portuguese é bem mais brando e chato. Também em portuguese em não consigo construir frases complexas. Enquanto em inglês eu consigo escrever frases complexas e também frases que tem emoção. Eu também acredito que é bem mais difícil escrever em portuguese porque eu não fui alphabetizado em portuguese até a 6a serie.

terça-feira, 23 de maio de 2017

Health Teen Changes

Topic: Engaging in dating relationships

1) What do you think are the most intense emotional, social or physical challenges for Grade 8 teens? 
Explain Why.
I believe that the most intense social emotional and physical challenges for 8th grade teens today is dating relationships. Our emotions change a lot throughout these times and that means having amplified feelings of affection towards someone which can lead to a dating relationship. But it gets complicated when someone asks someone out and they say no, because all these feeling that you feel for someone never will be shared with someone that you love.

2) How can we deal with this type of pressure or expectations? Give some tips!

My personal opinion on this situation is just wait, your like 13 and probably don't even know what love is. Instead focus on school and at the least start dating when your 16. And if everyone in your school is starting to date people then ok good for them but I truly think its dumb and a horrible idea. It wont really affect your life too because the soul purpose of dating is for you to find someone to marry in the future, and honestly good luck finding your soul mate when your 13. But please note that there is no problem with feeling affection towards people just wait until your 16 to start dating.

domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

Literary essay for English

I used to think...

I used to think that a literary essay about any book would be very difficult. I thought it would be like this because thought the 1st semester I figured out I had trouble writing down my ideas on paper. This really worried me because I thought I would not be able to make my ideas clear and I in my opinion I had some pretty good ideas. This also got me worried because this semester I am aiming to 1-up my grades in all my classes. And lastly this worried me because this would be the major summative for the 3 quarter and I set a goal for myself to work hard and focus in all my classes.

Now I think...

Now I think that I got way better at writing. I had two people correct my work for this project because I was very nervous. And after I read my work I was really surprised, I did not think I could manage to do such high quality work. This made me even happier when I found out that I got a 6/7 in my Islamic paragraph that I managed to complete in 20 minuets. I believe that with the extra work that I put in during the break, really helped me to build better essays and paragraphs.

Celebrating my writing...

"This also means that Napoleon is brainwashing them and with the products that the animals create, he sells them, so again Napoleon used the animals to agree with him and let the pigs make trading actions with the humans, this is really important because without the trading with the humans, the animals would have never finished the windmill, and thats not all, they wouldn't have all of the materials that they needed to survive." I believe this quote shows my growth as a writer really well. I like this quote because I really enjoy the way that I use the word "Brainwash" in my sentence because, it describes what is happening to the animals and its a strong word in my opinion to use in this context. This also prevents me from repeating the same words over and over again.

Evaluation and discussion of cover art from the novel...

I believe that this activity really helped to find the theme that I was gonna talk about in this essay. This really helped me because the cover of the book could show the secret hatred and distance that the animals had with the pigs that was caused with the constant manipulation of their ideals throughout the book.


I would like to thank my sister for correcting my work, she had some really great comments that improved my writing a lot. She also helped me notice the constant grammatical errors found in my essay and I believe that without her I wouldn't have created such a good essay. And lastly I would like to thank my friend Caio, he helped me a lot with fixing up my introduction and without him my introduction would have been straight up trash.